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Is dental anxiety holding you back from getting the dental treatment you need?

Sedation can make it easier for you to get an implant, extraction, root canal, or other kind of essential dental treatment. Dr. Heng Lim wants his patients to feel comfortable in the dental chair, so we offer two kinds of dental sedation in our practice.

Oral Sedation

What it is: Oral sedation is a prescription medication taken by mouth before treatment. The medication works by soothing anxiety and altering the way your mind perceives pain. While it may seem like you are asleep, you are actually still conscious, though you probably won’t remember anything that happened during your appointment.

What to expect: Dr. Lim will provide you with a prescription for the medication and give you instructions for taking it prior to your appointment. It will make you feel extremely relaxed and sleepy, and it will dull any perception of pain. While your memory of the actual treatment will be foggy or even absent, you won’t ever be actually unconscious during your appointment. You’ll be able to respond to requests to open your mouth, and your vital signs will remain normal. You may still feel the drowsy effects for some time after your treatment, so we will ask you to bring a trusted friend or relative who can safely transport you to and from your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

What it is: Nitrous oxide is also commonly known as laughing gas. It is given in carefully measured doses until you feel the effect. You simply inhale it via a nosepiece as you rest in the chair. Nitrous oxide takes effect almost immediately, and the effect ceases as soon as the gas flow is shut off and you switch to breathing plain oxygen. It is safe to drive yourself home or go back to work after an appointment with nitrous oxide, as there are no lasting effects.

What to expect: You will feel a sense of euphoria and light-headedness which can calm anxious feelings and dull your pain perception. You may also sense numbness or a tingling sensation in your limbs. Sounds may become muffled or dim, but you will not become unconscious. Some patients actually do experience laughing fits when they have nitrous oxide!

A Sedation Dentist in Owasso

Even if you don’t have a strong dental phobia, a little sedation can go a long way in making your treatment experience a positive one. For example, if you have trouble getting numb with injections of local anesthetic, then mild sedation can help the numbing agent to be more effective.

At Life Smiles of Owasso, we pride ourselves on creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all who walk through our doors. We will ensure that your visit with us is a safe and comfortable one. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lim and discuss the possibility of sedation dentistry, call us or fill out the Request an Appointment form.