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Close-up of a young woman's healthy smile after seeing an orthodontist.Traditional orthodontic treatment and even some newer modalities like Invisalign focus on bringing teeth into alignment with unnatural techniques. When teeth are crowded, the traditional approach is to extract some teeth to make space for the remaining teeth.

Dr. Heng Lim, however, takes a different approach to straightening teeth. If there isn’t enough space for the teeth to be straight, there are things he can do to promote full jaw development, which will then make the space needed.

While Dr. Lim is not an orthodontist specialist, he has over two decades of experience with orthodontic treatment and has been mentored by prominent pioneers in the field of facial orthopedics. Dr. Lim’s studies and extensive clinical experience has confirmed this as a superior method for correcting bite alignment. Not only is it more conservative, but it leads to a more natural, more comfortable bite and better overall health.

You might be searching for an orthodontist who can give your child a mouth full of beautiful straight teeth. Like any other loving parent, you want to ensure that your child grows up to have a healthy smile that they can show off with confidence. Or perhaps you’ve had orthodontic treatment yourself and were disappointed with the results. You may even need to correct your bite because of problems caused by traditional treatment.

Whatever your orthodontic treatment needs may be, Dr. Lim can help.

Dr. Lim’s Orthodontic Treatment Philosophy

Traditional orthodontic treatment does indeed yield some benefits. But as a total body dentist, Dr. Lim has learned that this approach does not address the underlying issues. If anything, straightening just the teeth with braces or clear aligners can create more problems with bite alignment and facial structure.

In line with his treatment philosophy, Dr. Lim aims to treat the teeth, face, head, and body as a whole. Doing so ensures facial balance, a beautiful and healthy smile, optimal TMJ health, and open airways to support normal nasal breathing. This science-backed approach involves guiding facial bone structure so that it grows into the optimal positions that support a well-functioning bite. Instead of needlessly removing teeth or forcing them to fit into the space available, Dr. Lim uses special orthodontic materials to gently redirect the facial bones and create more space for the teeth.

This technique is called facial development guidance, and you can read more about this specific treatment and the benefits of this approach for children on our facial growth guidance page.

The potential benefits of facial development guidance

  • Proper facial growth allows teeth to grow freely into healthy alignment without wearing braces for years
  • The treatment plan is personalized to harmonize with your total body health needs
  • Faster results than treatment that focuses solely on correcting tooth alignment
  • Balanced facial structure may improve sense of balance
  • Clear airways prevent breathing obstruction and sleep apnea
  • Balanced bite can prevent TMJ pain
  • Naturally beautiful facial profile
  • Improved body posture

Before and After

Here is an example of a young patient who has seen beautiful results after having orthodontic treatment by Dr. Lim:

The mouth of a young girl before she had treatment by Dr. Lim. She needs to see an orthodontist to correct her tooth alignment.
This is the patient before she began treatment.


A close-up of the smile of the same young girl after completing treatment with Dr. Lim. Better than seeing an orthodontist, his facial development guidance has helped her achieve straighter teeth and more balanced and attractive smile.
This is the same patient several months after having treatment with Dr. Lim. Not only are her teeth straighter, but her smile is also wider and more balanced.


Orthodontic Treatment by Dr. Lim

When you visit us for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Lim may recommend fitting you for an orthodontic appliance that looks very much like traditional braces. These brackets will work a bit differently than regular braces, however. They are part of a system called the Controlled Arch Treatment System. You can read more about this system on our Controlled Arch Treatment page.

Controlled Arch gives Dr. Lim more precise control over the outcome of your treatment for more predictable and rapid results. Best of all, this system is designed to work in harmony with the natural processes in your body to achieve both optimal tooth alignment and balanced facial structure.

Looking for a New Orthodontist?

Dr. Lim is one of only 500 fellows of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He took the Advanced Orthodontics program, an educational course that trains dentists to think beyond the teeth and create a treatment plan that takes into account all other physiologic factors. This education, in addition to Dr. Lim’s primary dental schooling, has qualified him to provide functional and aesthetic facial orthopedic treatment.

Dr. Lim is also a member of the American Orthodontic Society, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics. He has also mentored at the Facial Beauty Institute with the very creator himself of the facial growth guidance technique, Dr. Steve Galella.

We look forward to welcoming you to our whole-health dental practice and helping you achieve your orthodontic goals. Dr. Lim recommends bringing your child in for an orthodontic evaluation as soon as possible to determine which facial orthopedic interventions may be necessary to help them achieve a healthy smile for a lifetime.

To arrange a consultation, please call us or request an appointment online.