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Owasso Controlled Arch Treatment System

The Controlled Arch Treatment System offers orthodontic solutions for patients of all ages. This system can address issues ranging from mild cosmetic concerns to more comprehensive tooth realignment. Controlled Arch treatment options work with nature, not against it. As our bodies grow throughout childhood and adolescence, environmental and behavioral factors can impact the intended growth and development of our face. The Controlled Arch appliances essentially remind your body of the original genetic intention of your facial development.

Traditional orthodontic treatment focuses primarily on straightening teeth with little or no regard for the impact it will have on the overall appearance of the face. This means that the treatment methods can be aggressive or needlessly invasive.

The Controlled Arch technique, on the other hand, aims to achieve a balanced facial profile in addition to correcting tooth alignment.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional Orthodontics and the Controlled Arch System?

Full-mouth braces may be the gold standard for achieving straight teeth, but this method often takes a long time to complete as it is extremely difficult to predict the movement of individual teeth. The Controlled Arch system looks very much like traditional braces, but it’s what you can’t see behind the teeth that makes all the difference and that makes this system so effective and unique. The Controlled Arch Treatment System is also much faster because it offers absolute predictability of tooth movement.

How Long Will Your Controlled Arch Treatment Take?

There are several factors that will ultimately determine the overall treatment time and methods used in your Controlled Arch treatment. Dr. Lim will carefully examine your teeth, bite alignment, and facial profile and then let you know which factors will impact the length of your treatment time. Although this time varies from patient to patient, you can expect to be in treatment for at least 30% less time with this technique than with traditional orthodontic methods.

To learn more about Dr. Lim’s orthodontic treatment philosophy, please see our page on orthodontic treatment.

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