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A Crown in My Dental Bridge Is Too Long

I’ve had three dentists work on my bridge for a missing canine tooth. It’s a mess. The crown for the canine tooth is too long, and it looks like a fang. When I talk to people, I can tell they notice the tooth, and I am embarrassed.

My general dentist did the bridge in 2019. Although I was never happy with it, I left it alone. When I moved to Texas early last year, I saw a prosthodontist because they are supposed to be the best at tooth replacement. So, I couldn’t understand why the tooth did not look any different after an adjustment.

Now I have braces, and my orthodontist said he could reduce the crown. I don’t know what he was doing. The tooth is still too long, but now it looks badly chiseled. Worse than ever.

So now I’m at my new dentist who recommends a new bridge. A new bridge? I’m not surprised because of the way the tooth looks. I don’t know who to trust, though. Should I just get porcelain veneers now and forget about the bridge? Should I wait until I am finished with braces to get a new bridge anyway?  – Chevonne from TX


Thank you for contacting Life Smiles of Owasso. Dr. Lim would need to examine your dental bridge and the replacement canine tooth before discussing your treatment options. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with an advanced cosmetic dentist.

Can a Dentist Shorten a Crown in Your Bridge?

Dental bridge for four upper front teeth
Get a second opinion on your dental bridge from an advanced cosmetic dentist

Although a dentist can make minor adjustments to shorten a crown in your bridge, you’ve had the crown for three years. Several dental professionals have tried to adjust the crown with no success. Their repeated attempts have likely weakened and damaged the bridge, and you mentioned that the crown looks badly chiseled. You will need a new one.

Your braces will move your teeth to a new position. If your orthodontic treatment affects the teeth that anchor the bridge, you will still need a new bridge after you finish braces. We recommend asking a cosmetic dentist to coordinate your care with your orthodontist to determine the best time for a new dental bridge.

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