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My New Porcelain Veneer Is the Wrong Color

My new porcelain veneer is the wrong color. I’ve had veneers since 2009, but one broke last month. Although the veneers looked good in the dental office, I could see that the shade did not match my other veneers and teeth. My dentist sent the veneer back, and I returned to the office when the new one came. I thought my dentist used temporary paste, but she bonded the veneer because she said it was a match. Although my current dentist did not do my veneers in 2009, shouldn’t she be able to match one veneer with the others? Do you have a tip I can give her to get it right this time? Thank you. Terah from NJ



Thank you for contacting Dr. Lim’s office. We understand your concerns and frustration.

How Can You Color Match a Porcelain Veneer?

A porcelain veneer held by dental forceps
Porcelain veneer

Trained cosmetic dentists color match a porcelain veneer with several steps, starting with using the correct lighting. When veneer color does not match, a skilled cosmetic dentist understands how to manipulate the tint on the veneer, but a dentist should refrain from attempting it. Color-correct fluorescent lighting in the dental office can help a dentist achieve a perfect match.

An advanced cosmetic dentist may use this technique when veneers return from the dental lab in the wrong color:

  • Send photographs of your teeth to help the ceramist see the shade difference
  • Send a detailed description of the desired shade
  • Collaborate with the dental ceramist and try as many times as needed to correct the color

Using Polishing Techniques to Correct Veneer Color

Specific diamond polishing wheels and pastes can correct the color of a porcelain veneer. Still, if your dentist lacks the training, tools, and materials to polish veneers, please do not insist on this technique.

We recommend getting a second opinion from an advanced cosmetic dentist to examine your veneer and determine whether they can correct the color or if you need a new veneer. If you need to switch dentists to correct the color of your porcelain veneer, ask for your dental records and a history of your veneers, including the details of your 2009 veneers case. The dental records will help your new cosmetic dentist and the dental lab achieve a perfect match.


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