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How Many Times Can My Dentist Replace My Implant Crown?

After four tries, my dentist still can’t get my implant color right. Unfortunately, I think she has given up. My dentist explains that the color is challenging to match with my natural teeth to the right and the crown to the left. I do not understand that because my previous dentist matched the crown to my natural teeth. I think it’s just an excuse.

My dentist seems happy that my implant remains intact after removing and attaching crowns. That statement makes me nervous about letting a dentist try to get it right. How many times can I get the implant crown replaced before damaging the implants? – Thanks. Amias from Seattle


Thank you for contacting our office. We are sorry to hear about your disappointing and frustrating experience with your implant crown.

How Many Times Can You Get an Implant Crown Replaced?

Dental implant crown, abutment, and root formA dentist can replace your implant crown multiple times by grinding it off. But it is best to find a dentist who can get the crown color right without replacing the crown repeatedly. Although you did not mention which tooth is affected, it sounds like a front tooth. If so, you will benefit from the expertise of an advanced cosmetic dentist.

How Can a Dentist Correct Your Implant Crown Color?

Dentists with advanced training in cosmetic dentist take multiple steps to ensure your implant crown matches your natural teeth and any nearby crowns. Many cosmetic dentists follow a process like this:

  • Draw a color map for the dental ceramist at the lab
  • Specify a basic shad in the written instructions
  • Draw areas where the ceramist needs to add tints to match the implant crown to the natural tooth exactly
  • Try in the crown when it arrives before cementing or bonding it
  • Take a photo of the try-in with your smile if the ceramist needs to adjust the color
  • Send the photo and additional instructions to help the ceramist achieve a perfect match

Switch to a Cosmetic Dentist for Your Implant Crown

If your dentist has tried to correct your crown color and failed repeatedly, it is time to switch to a cosmetic dentist. Your dentist has already admitted that the color match is challenging for her and implies that you should be happy that the implant is still intact. Perhaps your dentist is not concerned with aesthetics—creating an attractive smile that makes you feel confident.

Every patient deserves a crown that complements their smile instead of detracting from it. Look for two advanced cosmetic dentists and schedule consultations for second opinions. Discuss your options, and choose a dentist to give you what you want. And you can ask your current dentist for a refund for the crown because you are disappointed with the results and will have the crown redone.


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Amias’s dentist can’t get his implant crown color right after four tries. Why is this happening? Should Amias ask for a refund?